One Way Window  This digital montage represents the emotion of looking back at where a person once was in life and feeling unsatisfied with where they were. It represents the emotion one feels when they are on their road to success look back at what has brought them to their current state. Looking back on struggles they’ve had to handle at points in time, like staying up late to finish a project which can lead to fall asleep at the desk and not finish it. This photo represents the feeling of the future-self wishing they could give advice to the past. It also represents the feeling of regret and wishing that one could go and redo the past.   The photo represents a person opening up a “box,” therefore the “box” is the room which the smaller person is asleep in and the larger person is looking inside the box/room. The box is representation of a memory and the act of opening the box represents actually remembering the memory. The expression of the eyes are an typical expression that one has when they are lost in thought about a potentially regrettable moment.  Taking the photos for this montage was very difficult. I struggled fitting my tripod in the corner of the room trying to capture as much of the room I could. I decided to take the photo horizontally because it made the ceiling and bed elements larger which, to me, brings you more into the room. Those elements remind you that it is a room and a full scene from a memory. When taking the close up of my eyes, I struggled a lot to get a realistic angle. I ended up getting a shoe box and cutting it in half. I placed the camera looking inside the box from the whole, lifted the lid, and took the shot. I then placed them in ps and proceeded to make the image you see now.

Digital Manipulation

HDR Contrast

Photo Emulation Project

Skate Magazine Cover

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